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(a) to formulate national policies or strategies relating to travel and tourism in Brunei Darussalam; 

(b) to plan in developing and promoting Brunei Darussalam as a travel and tourist destination; 

(c) to advise the Minister on matters relating to travel and tourism; 

(d) to enhance the travel and tourism sectors contribution to the Brunei Darussalam economy; 

(e) to coordinate any marketing or promotion activity in relation to tourism conducted by any government department or governmental or non- governmental agencies or organisations; 

(f) to make recommendations to the Minister as to the methods, measures and programmes to be adopted to facilitate and stimulate the development and promotion of the tourism enterprise and where approved by the Minister, to 'implement or assist in the implementation of the methods, measures and programmes in question; 

(g) to identify resources that may be used to develop and promote travel and tourism; 

(h) to submit reports and make recommendations to His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan about matters relating to travel and tourism; 

(i) to perform any other functions as directed by the Minister for the proper implementation of this Order.